Our Clinic

Welcome to Bennett Chiropractic Clinic   

The primary goals of Bennett Chiropractic Clinic are to provide service oriented, quality patient care, and make it affordable to anyone who needs our services.  Patient results and satisfaction is what sets us apart from other healthcare providers.

​​​Service Oriented Care 

  • ​​​Customer service is an aspect that is often overlooked in a physician's office.  At Bennett Chiropractic Clinic, we are here for you, the patient, not the other way around.  
  • We will respect your schedule as we believe everyone’s time is valuable.  Unnecessary wait times are uncommon and most people are seen at the time of their scheduled appointment.  Being open five days a week gives us more flexibility in creating a schedule that works for everyone’s needs.
  • Although our efforts are always intended to provide care that produces results, if you are not getting the results that we were expecting or that you wanted, we will ensure that you are referred to the appropriate physician.  Our goal is to work within the medical community and provide collaborative care to ensure you get the best service for your healthcare needs.
  • Collaborative care between MDs and DCs is not only more beneficial for the patient, but is also showing increased effectiveness and cost efficiency in recent studies.

Quality Care 

  • Treating each patient as an individual is paramount to achieving results. Many people present with similar complaints and may have similar findings upon examination, but everyone’s body is different and everyone responds to care differently, so you can’t treat every patient in the same way and expect the same results. 
  • I have learned that truly listening to what the patient says is a key factor in quality care and obtaining results.  How your symptoms are really affecting your life and daily activities often gives insight to what needs to be done.  I have also learned over the years that you, the patient, know your body better than anyone else and actually listening to what you say can provide a better plan for treatment.
  • Education is also a key part in effective treatment and proven results.  If I don't do my job of educating you on your condition and teaching you how to keep it from progressing or becoming a recurring issue then I'm not doing my job.
  • The overall quality of Chiropractic care supported by research and evidence is becoming more abundant as more and more research is completed and published.  See our Research page for links to other Chiropractic sites and various research articles on evidence based care supporting the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of Chiropractic care.

Affordable Care

  • With the costs of healthcare continuously on the rise, Chiropractic remains a more cost-effective form of healthcare and at Bennett Chiropractic Clinic our practice methods are positioned to keep the cost of healthcare as low as possible.
  • At Bennett Chiropractic Clinic we offer case specific treatment with no long term care plans or contracts required.
  • We accept most major medical insurance plans including Medicare.
  • We also have affordable cash rates for non-insured patients.
  • We do not prescribe unnecessary therapies or order diagnostic tests unless medically necessary.  Clinical practice guidelines have migrated away from Chiropractors taking x-rays of every patient and are now only recommended if there is a history of trauma or there are “red flags” presented during the patient consultation or examination that would need to be ruled out by imaging or other diagnostic testing.
  • In most cases, symptoms can be reduced or alleviated in a few visits and then supported with active home care including patient and condition specific stretches and exercises. ​
  • ​Chiropractic maintenance care helps reduce overall costs to patients and insurance companies by treating dysfunctional joints before they become an acute condition requiring active treatment plans.  And the benefits from long term maintenance care can reduce the wear and tear on your joints slowing the arthritic process with an unlimited savings potential compared to the costs of medications, lost work, and surgeries.