• 01/03/17 - ​Dr. Dan is fantastic! I've been to many chiropractors from coast to coast and he is up there in the top 2-3 that I've ever visited. I'll definitely be back! Thanks Doc.

  • 04/08/16 - I'm a skeptic when it comes to choosing a chiropractor, but I really like this one. He is thorough, he is kind and he is not out to scam you into anything unnecessary. He's a good man, and a great chiropractor.

  • 11/21/15 - ​​He is very professional and knowledgeable I highly recommend it!

  • 10/21/15 - ​​Great doctor, lots of great techniques for pain relief.

  • 08/25/15 - One of the better one's out here. 
  • 02/18/16 - As a patient of Dr. Bennett, I have recommended him to anyone looking for a chiropractor. What impresses me the most is that he is willing to give you exercises to do at home and doesn’t have you coming back to the office over and over, unless you need to.    He has always adjusted his schedule to see my husband and myself when we needed immediate help.

  • 07/13/15​ - ​​I have been to two other chiropractors before, and Dr. Bennett is by far better than both of them combined. He quickly diagnosed and treated a chronic S.I. issue I've been having and provided great guidance on chiropractic maintenance. He doesn't push services or treatments (unlike some) and has a great doctor-patient manner. I will definitely be going back for further treatment and highly recommend him. 

  • 06/23/15 - ​​Dr. Bennett was awesome and thorough and made my first chiropractic experience amazing. I am actually looking forward to going back!

  • 03/18/15 - ​Love it! I get awesome treatment there! Would recommend Dr. Bennett to everyone!

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  • 04/20/17 - ​I have utilized the services of Chiropractors for 40 years and Dan Bennett is one of the best. He is extremely knowledgeable, thorough and takes whatever time required for the specific treatment. We come to this area from Ontario for a month or so yearly and I am delighted to have found Dan for my Chiropractic needs and highly recommend him.  
    • Rating:  Five - Excellent

  • 06/20/16 - Dan Bennett has been our chiropractor for years now and I would highly recommend his services to anyone. How would you rate the service our office provides?
    • Rating:  Five - Excellent 

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  • 11/02/17 - ​Weekly adjustments improve my mobility and take the place of prescription medications for my arthritis pain. Dr. Bennett has talent, particularly in recognizing individual needs. He is easy going and makes each visit something to look forward to.

  • 09/28/17 - Dr. Bennett was the first chiropractor I've seen and he was great. He took an extended amount of time to explain everything and was willing to work on a Sat. during a holiday weekend to get me in. He is very profession, yet easy to talk to I can't imagine a better first experience with a chiropractor.

  • 09/21/16 - Impressive! Dan takes his time with you and is the most thorough chiropractor I've ever been to. Good to see new, young professionals starting out who are interested in providing quality care to their patients. This one stands out in the pack in a significant way. I highly recommend him.​